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Homeschool Snow Days

Who doesn’t love a snow day? That feeling of waking up to twelve inches of snow on the ground, reminding you that the dreaded test has been delayed another day. You have the entire day to do whatever your heart desires. You can binge-watch all of friends for the seventh time or read that book that has been sitting on your shelf since Christmas, maybe even go outside and build a snowman. A whole day to relax and not worry about the world and math.

Yeah, I never got to do that. If you did, consider yourself lucky.

You see, I have been homeschooled all of my life, which prevented me from getting any snow days. In elementary, my friends would always call me when they got a snow day and ask to play games on the computer, such as Minecraft. (It was always Minecraft.) And I would turn them down because I had to sit down and finish all of my school first. Here is a little bit of insight into being homeschooled, your schoolwork could take from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. It was awful.

However, here is the nice thing about snow days when you are homeschooled: you get to save them up and use them later.

I would often hear all about what my friends would do in the winter during their snow days. They would brag about beating a video game, finishing a show, or doing something that involved sitting inside in front of a screen. In the moment, all I wanted was to be with my friends and get a day off. It was almost always annoying hearing about it at first, but eventually I would get my moment to shine.

As spring would come into full effect during April and May, I started cashing in on those snow days. Not just any ordinary snow days where we would lounge around all day, but days where we get to make all of my friends in public school jealous by going to the beach, going to an arcade, or even a day trip to Cedar Point. Spending gorgeous days outside, and sometimes it still involved curling up with a book, just beachside instead of in my room.

Sometimes I wonder what I would have done on a regular snow day. Probably exactly what everyone else does. I also imagine I would be sitting in my room whining about the fact that I have a snow day and no one to spend it with. Let’s be real, if you got a snow day, your instinct is probably going to be to sleep in and do nothing eat and watch a show while texting your BFF.

Snow days are arguably the best and worst part about being homeschooled. Sure, hearing about my friends getting a day off was frustrating, but saving those days up was worth it. Heck, I’ve gotten to go to Florida in the middle of the school year because of it. I don’t know about you, but I would not trade that for a regular, public school snow day.

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